What We Offer

Living a sexually whole life is a journey. Along the journey, we believe individuals benefit from different modes of ministry. Depending upon an individual’s needs we will recommend two or more ministry avenues. An individual may also utilize different ministry options in different seasons of their journey.

Support Groups

Beyond Imagination offers support groups for:

  • Men and women struggling with undesired homosexuality
  • Men struggling with sexual addictions
  • Wives of husbands struggling with sexual addictions
  • Parents and friends with loved ones who are living a homosexual life or struggle with sexual addictions
  • Women with a history of sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  • Men with a history of sexual, physical or emotional abuse

Individual Counseling

Beyond Imagination provides a limited amount of individual counseling. However, we maintain a referral list of professional counselors for participants. Beyond Imagination’s counsel programs operate under the covering and blessing of Hope Chapel, Apex NC.

The Body of Christ

Beyond Imagination values the importance of healthy relationships and believes that healing takes place in the context of community. We strongly recommend regular attendance at a local church, as well as investing in relationships in your local church as your primary circle of relationships.

Residential Program

Individuals who need more structure, accountability and counseling than a local support group can provide will be encouraged to apply to a residential program.   The one residential program refers people to is, “Love in Action.”  We are actively looking for more at this time.

Destiny Ministry

Men and women who struggle with sexual addictions often get derailed from their God given calling. Beyond Imagination assists participants to find, develop and move into their calling. We also provide education and support for churches or mission organizations desiring to restore an individual after a sexual fall. Beyond Imagination desires to see the great commission followed by its participants. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you (Matthew 28:9).” Destiny is lived out through education, career counseling, mentorship and short-term mission trips.