Feedback on what God is Doing

Feedback on what God is doing through Beyond Imagination…

From a Parent:

I was one of those souls as a parent of a teen daughter who was raised in the church, who accepted Jesus at the age of 8, but lost her way through the hard years of adolescence struggling through something that she would not – could not share with me or anyone at church. I did not know till one year ago in October what that struggle was. When I confronted her about her manner of closeness with a friend, what she admitted was to me like witnessing the death of a child. She wasn’t who I thought she was. All those years of struggle had convinced her that she was someone other than what the scripture says. By the time I learned of the problem, she had begun forming this false identity. My reaction was rejecting and unkind to say the least. It sickened me. I did not understand that struggle. I cried out to God, and for months, tears poured from me like rain. I didn’t know how to deal with this, and felt like it was a death sentence. We had home-schooled all of her life, because I felt God calling me to do this so that we could freely integrate the word of God into her education , which we did. My first question to God was, where did I go wrong. It had to somehow be my fault…

A dear friend of mine could see my extreme pain, and through her compassion and presence of mind ( which I did not have at the time) she searched the internet for help, and found Beyond Imagination. She persuaded me to go and offered to go with me, so I agreed. I am so glad that I did, because they gave me hope and encouragement and godly counsel. Hearing the testimonies of others and being able to identify with their pain, through Beyond Imagination has helped me turn my focus into encouraging them too. My heart still aches for my daughter’s wholeness, and will continue until the victory comes, but at least in the meantime I am being bathed in the word of God, and continue to stand on my Rock of Salvation. I am wearing the armor spoken of in Ephesians 6 and will continue to fellowship with the Leaders and hurting ones who come to the meetings at Beyond Imagination. As the body of Christ we need each other. While I still cannot identify with the kind of struggle my daughter faced, I can mentally understand through the testimony of others that it too was a painful struggle for my daughter. Beyond Imagination fills the gap that exists in my church for reaching out to those caught in this sin and their families. I am sooooo Thankful for this Ministry.
> PW

From one of the men:

Throughout this year, God has helped me break the chains of sexual sin.  He has shown me how being trusted and truthful with my wife, other family, and friends is a sure step in breaking sinful bondage. We must all carry our crosses, but there is surely salvation in the end.

Another one of the men:

God has used the ministry of Beyond Imagination, not only to help deliver me from my struggles with the flesh but also to give me direction as to what he would have in store for my part in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Just about a week ago, the Holy Spirit awoke me from my sleep at night and told me to open my Bible to Deuteronomy 10:19.  It reads:  Love the sojourner, therefore, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.  To me this means God has called me to show the love of Christ to others who shared the same journey and struggles as me.


Another one of the men:

Beyond Imagination has been an answer to prayer for me.  Most of my life I have sought out help, begged the Lord to take this cross and hidden within my sin not knowing how or where to turn.  Beyond Imagination has given me a renewed sense of self, the courage to turn from sin and a safe place to be open.  Supporting others in similar situations has also been a place where the Holy Spirit moves, uses us.  It is always inspiring when I think I see the Holy Spirit at work, but when it is within our group it affirms my value as a man.
Thanks to all who have lead this group over the years and to Steve whose efforts keep the boat afloat for us and those who will come in need.