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Ron is a grateful Disciple of Jesus Christ who has been his guide in understanding and healing of his own same-sex-attraction. A native of North Carolina, Ron founded Beyond Imagination Ministry (BIM) in 1996 out of the healing process he walked through beginning in 1987. Ron shares the Truth of God’s transforming power to congregations throughout our state and beyond. His transparency opens the door for many to be set free from the shame that binds them as he brings understanding and offers hope to those impacted by sexual sin, homosexuality and sexual abuse. Ron and his wife Ann Marie live outside of Raleigh and have one son.


Ron Elmore’s Story

Ron Elmore

Ron Elmore

During my childhood years, I was familiar with sexual, physical and emotional abuse. These developmental issues, not having a father figure and my sin nature were the perfect storm for my same-sex attractions. Raised in the Church, around the age of seven or eight, I became aware of a Heavenly Father who loved me and who had come to rescue me. However, as a young adult, I was hurting and sexually confused. A series of events led me to embrace a loud and proud gay identity fully.

In 1987, a co-worker, who knew I was gay-identified quietly said, “Ron, you need to go back to where your joy is.” The Holy Spirit used those simple but powerful words to pierce my heart and change my life. Suddenly, I remembered how as a little boy Jesus had come to me and told me He loved me. That afternoon the Lord put before me life and death. I sensed God say, “Ron if you stay where you are, you will die. But if you come back, you will live.” At that time coming home meant moving back to NC. And so I did!

My walk in dealing with my same-sex attractions and behavior was slow but progressive. During the first two years, I cried. A lot! But the tears washed my soul. The grievous pain of much loss and the separation from my gay community was great. Surprisingly many in the Christian community turned their backs on me when learning of my past. They could not look beyond my faults to my underlying needs. On this journey, God taught me His genuine heart for the church was to compassionately respond to the strong need for love, acceptance, and affirmation, of those who have same-sex attractions or identify as gay, without ever condoning the sin. Healing comes in the midst of community, the Body of Christ.

God pursued me and transformed my life. Our Father calls us to live a holy life; we have a sin nature, but He gives grace abundantly, every step of the way every day. His grace is sufficient. God has given me yearning for righteousness and holiness. At one time my thoughts were consumed with homosexuality; God, through His son Jesus, has renewed, transformed and sanctified my mind by the Holy Spirit.

In May 1996, I answered God’s call to walk with others who have unwanted same-sex attractions or other sexual addiction by founding Beyond Imagination. That same year, God favored me exceedingly abundantly above what I could ever think or imagine by bringing me an exceptional woman, Ann Marie, to be my wife. We married on June 28, 1997. My story of His healing and redemptive power is still ongoing. I am still growing and changing. I have found there is forgiveness and sanctification through Christ.